Friday, February 1, 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Okay, it was freezing here today. Like my-bones-hurt-and-it-takes-an-hour-to-thaw-off  kind of freezing. I did brave the cold to have dinner with my wonderful husband and I wore what I wore to work, mostly because I felt warm in it! We ate at Carraba's and it was really healthy good!

White peacoat with black buttons: Old Navy $30.00 on sale
Black faux wrap dress: Old Navy $8.00
White and gold weave earrings: Macy's $7.00 on sale/with giftcard
Plaid Burberry scarf: Gift
Two-toned riding boots: Loehmann's--Gift
Michael Kors tortoise shell and gold watch: Gift

My $19.00 Wedding Shoes

My wedding colors were navy blue and cream, and I knew that I wanted navy blue shoes for my wedding, but every time I looked for shoes in a "wedding shoe" category, they were so expensive! Weddings make it easy to just say, "Well, it's the only wedding I'll ever have--I guess I'll just splurge!" Well, if you start to do that with everything, you may have to use your shoe to carry change when you're begging on the side of the road. My logic is, if you're only going to get it once, why would you spend so much?

As I was looking for some sandals on F21, I found these navy blue polka dot gems. My inital thought was I can't buy my wedding shoes at F21! Then I wondered, why not? I could use the money I saved to buy gelato in Italy on my honeymoon (and that's always worth it).

And so, for special occasions, consider going with an affordable option--I ended up equally as happy with my F21 shoes than I would have with those pricey ones!

Satin polka dot knot-front peep toe pump: F21 $19.00