Monday, June 24, 2013

Grad school is throwing off my blogging groove

I had to make a nod to the Disney Emperor's New Groove in the title because I think that movie is hilar. So hilar.

Anyway, I might have a hard time making outfit posts this week because I am at a graduate school intensive, but I did manage to snap a shot of these babies during the day:

Bright pink loafies: NY&Co $7.00

As you can see, I got these loafies (I call them loafies--they are obviously loafers) for 80% off, which costs me $7.00 at NY&Co this weekend. I'm not the hugest fan of their clothes, but it is their big annual sale, so if you want some cut belts, jewelry, and shoes, I would try and make it over there.  I was eyeing some bright loafers at the Cole Hann outlet that were bright with some fun trim, and of course it was Cole Hann, so I would have to promise my first born child and my right arm to get them. So, I passed, and my waiting paid off! These bright pink ones with a Khaki trim are a great pop of color and are old lady shoes in such a good way. I also got a pair of yellow ones (don't tell my husband) because they were such a great deal!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Comfy Casual

A laid back day calls for laid back style! I like how comfortable this outfit is, while maintaining some put-togetherness (put-togetherness a word? I don't think so). I like the neutral sweater with the pink, and the fun pattern of the flat!

Bright pink shorts: J.Crew Outlet $17.00
White button down: Loft $9.00
Tan lightweight v-neck sweater: Target $8.00
Leopard print flats: Zara $19.00

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dressing for Travel: The Windy City

My husband and I got the wonderful opportunity to go to a wedding in the beautiful city of Chicago. It has pretty much been blazing hot here in VA, but Chicago was definitely cooler. I didn't quite know how cold it would be factoring in the wind and being outside on boat tours and baseball games, so I just decided to do what every girl would do--bring a million layers! Wearing a sweater or v-neck with a scarf and blazer gave me the opportunity to take away some layers (although I didn't find myself doing that often). I had a wonderful time, and I have included an example of layering for travel below! The nude sweater, black blazer, and white skinny jeans are all things that can be used again, hence making packing a little lighter. Now, if you're like me, that's just an excuse to shove more things into your bag that you don't even need. Hi, I'm Erin, and I have been overpacking for 20+ years.

I have also posted the outfit I wore to the wedding we attended. It was a beautiful wedding right in the heart of downtown Chicago. The green lace dress was fun and comfortable, and the nude pumps were comfortable despite their height, thanks to a platform!

White skinny jeans: Target $13.00
Black metallic cap-toe flats: Target $8.00
Leopard infinity scarf: Charlotte Russe Outlet $9.00
Tan cross body bag: TJ Maxx $21.00

Green lace dress: Marshall's $29.00
Nude peep toe sling-back pumps: TJ Maxx $20.00
Gold linked necklace: NY&Co. $5.00
Leopard clutch: Target $4.00

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Texture and Print Mash-up

The big eyelet texture on this skirt can be intimidating because it can almost act like a print. I tend to pair plain solids with skirts or bottoms like these, but I kind of like the controlled chaos on the mixed texture and pattern!

White eyelet skirt: J.Crew Outlet $18.00
Gold braided belt: Target $4.00
Taupe pumps: Target $14.00
Turquoise button down: Target $8.00
Leopard cardigan: Gap Outlet $8.00

Monday, June 3, 2013

Orange and Blue

This is an easy work outfit that helps me stay warm in my super cold classroom!! I like to wear things like this on days that I know I'll be moving around a lot (which is most of the time). I like the little details of the buttons on the shoulder of the sweater, and the pop of the gingham against the orange. Plus, blue and orange is a great color combo (go gators!)

White skinny pants: Marshalls $14.00
Orange cable knit sweater: Banana Republic Outlet $10.00
Nude flats: Old Navy $4.00
Gingham shirt: Target $12.00
White and gold enamel earrings: Macy's $8.00 (gift card)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Calling all Patriots

With summer coming and memorial day just passing, I'm feeling very patriotic, and very ready to sport some good ol' red, white, and blue! I have put together some ideas for r/w/b outfits that are all over the map (shorts, dress, pants) and with different shades of r/w/b. Be sure that when you're picking your outfit for a patriotic holiday that you explore some different types of blues and reds--it can add a fun flair and still show off your love of country. Here's to you, U.S.A!

Saturday, June 1, 2013


A black and white polka dot shirt is classic, fun, and as versatile as a pair of jeans! I got this shirt at Zara during my honeymoon in Italy and I love it because it's a lightweight fabric that can be tucked in or worn out. Below are some options for the black and white polka dot shirt!