Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Trouser Power

I love a good trouser. They make me feel powerful, tall, and professional. The cut of the trouser is great on a variety of people, and they can make your legs look like they're going on for miles. This cream colored trouser is great because it's so versatile and are long enough to be worn with heels. If you're having a hard time feeling like the ruler of your classroom, or if you just want a little power in that walk, try a pair of these. I swear, it works!

Cream trouser: The Limited--can't remember price
Black short sleeve shirt: Old Navy $6.00
Leopard infinity scarf: Charlotte Russe Outlet $9.00
Mint pumps: Marshalls $20.00 on sale

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Short Dress Fix

To all you clothes hoarders out there (guilty), perk up your ears and listen--I have another reason to hold on to some clothing items!

Have you ever been temporarily delusional in thinking that a dress is appropriate when it's not, or were so blinded by the great price, that you just buy it without trying it on? (guilty again) This Old Navy "shirt dress" below was so cheap and so cute on the rack that I just bought it in a moment of glee without trying it on. I guess they meant it when they said shirt dress, because this dress was literally like a shirt. The underlining is shorter than the top sheer lining and it's really just not appropriate for work or church...or ever. So, I decided to belt it, and I ended up liking the results! I would also wear this with white skinny jeans if it was chillier.

Polka dot shirt dress: Old Navy $6.00
White shorts: Old Nacy $8.00
Turquoise skinny belt: $7.00
Bow front nude flats: TJ Maxx $10.00 on sale

Monday, May 27, 2013

Think {bright} pink!

I found this lightweight sweater at J.Crew one day, and I love how bright and cheery it is! I like the way the blazer off-sets the bright pink color and adds a little structure to the look since I didn't tuck the sweater in. The outfit was definitely lacking a waistline without the blazer. I paired it with a white pencil skirt from Banana Republic and a three-strand mint necklace from Charlotte Russe outlet. I had to add the bright pink Kate Spade bangle for a little fun arm candy. :)

Bright pink sweater: J.Crew $10.00 on sale
Khaki blazer: F21 $25.00
White pencil skirt: Banana Republic outlet $12.00
Taupe pumps: Target $14.00 on sale
Enamel bow earrings: Kate Spade--gift
Pink and gold spade bangle: Kate Spade--gift

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Neutrals {with a pop of color}

I love these trends I've been seeing of either white on white, or white with beige or tan. I love neutrals just as much as I love some color, so I did head-to-toe neutrals with this tie front blouse from the cutest boutique ever (, white skinny jeans, and a leopard clutch/wallet thingy (you all know the ones in Target). I decided to pair it with these fun mint Jessica Simpson pumps I got for Easter, and it definitely elongated the outfit. I felt like I needed a little elongating, since white and light tones can make you feel a little chubbsier than dark colors. 

Tie-front blouse: 
(not available anymore, but go check out her other stuff!!)
White skinny jeans: Target $13.00 on sale
Leopard clutch: Target $4.00 on sale
Mint shoes: Marshall's $20.00 on sale
Pink stud earring: Kate Spade $12.00

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ikat and Gold

It's Memorial Day weekend, and I love this time of year! It's been stormy here, so the weather has cooled down a bit. I decided to go with summary colors, but stay a little covered to keep off the chill. This shirt is in an ikat print of turquoise and white with cute little gold buttons. It's more of a flowy tunic and I love it because it's light, but can keep wind chill away. It could be belted, but because I have skinny jeans on, I decided to just let it flow. I liked the gold compliment for the white, so I went with gold accessories, and gold Kino flip flops that my husband got me for Christmas. For those of you who don't know, Kinos are made only in the Florida Keys and are super comfortable because they have a more squishy bottom than a flat flip flop. They are also a great alternative to Jack Rogers, coming in at a much cheaper price of about $13-20.

Ikat printed tunic: Marshall's $15.00
White skinny jeans: Target $13.00 on sale
Gold flip flop: $16.00
Michael Kors watch: Gift
Linked bracelet: J.Crew $18.00

Friday, May 24, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week Bonus

When I first got my teacher I.D, the only power I thought I possessed was being able to tell kids that they were late to class or needed to stop throwing food in the lunch room.


That little I.D holds purchasing power. Almost every women's retailer and some mixed retailers (J.Crew, Banana Republic) give a teacher's discount. So, if you're no longer a student, but still want those discounts, just become a teacher! Just kidding. That's a terrible reason to become a teacher. Either way, my friend and I went to LOFT because they were having extra percentages off for teacher appreciation week, and that's how I snagged this yellow beauty of a skirt. This thing is majorly bright, but it's fun and can make you look tanner than you really are--what could be wrong with that?!

White ruffled tank: Old Navy--super old, can't remember price
Piped navy blazer: $15.00 Marshall's
Yellow skirt: LOFT $15.00 on sale
Brown and gold sandal: Target $8.00 on sale

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sunday Best

This outfit is just a mix of some of my favorite color combinations. I just love khaki and white together, and the coral/turquoise combo with my shoes and bag are another favorite color combo of mine. I wore that ruffled shirt on a West Wing tour of the White House, so I always feel snazzy when I wear it!

Ralph Lauren white ruffled button down shirt: Marshall's $14.00 on sale
Khaki skirt: Target $9.00 on sale
Calvin Klein coral wedges: Marshall's $15.00 on sale
Turquoise patent bag: Kate Spade--gift

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cardigan Two Ways

I got this tan and white leopard cardigan at Gap Outlet awhile back with my friend Emily. We bought the same cardigan, and we somehow had a knack for wearing it to work on the same day! She is now doing missions work in South Africa, but I can always wear this sweater to remember her. ;)

I have paired this cardigan two ways. One with some flared dark denim, and then with some mint shorts. The entire rest of the outfit is the same besides the bottoms and the bag!

White button down shirt: LOFT $9.00 final sale
Tan and white leopard cardigan: Gap Outlet $8.00
Denim flare jeans: LOFT $12.00 final
Brown wedge: Marshall's $25.00
Yellow bubble necklace: Charlotte Russe Outlet $12.00
Turquoise patent bag: Kate Spade--gift

                                           White button down shirt: LOFT $9.00 final sale
Tan and white leopard cardigan: Gap Outlet $8.00 on sale
Brown wedge: Marshall's $25.00
Mint cuffed shorts: Target $14.00 
Yellow bubble necklace: Charlotte Russe Outlet $8.00

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I Have a Soft Spot for the Polka Dot

There's just something so classic, fun, cute, and just....endearing about the polka dot (to me, anyway). I love how the pattern can almost act as a texture or color because it is so commanding. I wore this navy and white skirt to work and I just felt happy while wearing it! Let's be honest, I can use all the help I can get when trying to get a bunch of 7th graders to focus when it's so beautiful outside and summer break is 20 days away. I went simple with a white button down, chunky navy necklace, and a pop of yellow in the wedge. There's a lot of combinations that can be worn with this and I'm excited to experiment with this skirt in the future. I think I feel a polka dot skirt options post in the future...

Navy chunky necklace: Charlotte Russe Outlet $5.00
White button down: LOFT $9.00 on sale
Navy and white polka dot skirt: Target $15.00 on sale
Yellow bow front peep toe wedge: Payless $10.00 bogo

Saturday, May 11, 2013

I Have an Old Boyfriend {jean} Back in My Life

Okay, so the boyfriend jean is back and trending, and I always like them when I see them on other people. As a person who always tells people that they pull off whatever they want, I decided to not be a hypocrite and pull out an old pair of boyfriend jeans I already had. I literally pulled these out of a give away bag that I had put a bunch of clothes into when I did a spring cleaning. So, as much as I am sure my husband will enjoy me holding on to another piece of clothing, I decided to take these out and give them another try (sorry C.A.B!).

 Because I never know how to wear these things, I decided to look at some recent celebrity sightings of the boyfriend jean, and I decided that I like the blazer and pointed flat because it gives a little bit of structure to the slubby boyfriend fit.This being said, I do not like the holes in the jeans either way, and if I was going to wear the boyfriends from now on, I would prefer that they not have holes in them so I can avoid some bad high school flash backs of my holey American Eagle jeans and graphic t-shirts. Once again, the holes are something I like on other people at times, but not as much on myself.

Turquoise pointy toe flat: Old Navy $4.00
Plain white tank top: Target--given to me by my cousin
Boyfriend jean: Super old, can't remember
Black blazer: Target $13.00 on sale
Leopard infinity scarf: Charlotte Russe $9.00

Black and gold bow earring: Kate Spade--gift from my M.I.L.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Girl's Day Out

So my BFF Tiffany came to Williamsburg, and of course we had to go shopping. :) Tiffany has been my friend since we were roommates in college, and we always seem to pick up where we left off when we see each other. It was definitely cooler outside than I thought, but at least I wore a blazer! I wanted some bright bottoms to contrast the khaki and navy, so I went with a bright pink pair of shorts from good ol' J.Crew outlet. We hit the outlets and had a fantastic time!

Khaki blazer: F21 $25.00
Navy gingham button down: Target $12.00
Bright pink short: J.Crew outlet $17.00
Gold braided flip flop: Old Navy $10.00

 I found my twin shirt at J.Crew, but shh, don't tell them I got mine at Target!

Got some new arm candy at the J.Crew outlet to add a little bling to my watch arm.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sunday Best

I love the navy mustard combo--who is with me? I couldn't resist the big chunky navy necklace with this mustard "lace" shirt that I got from Target. I had a $5 off any Merona purchase from one of their print out coupons--how fun is that? I was looking at similar shirts from J.Crew that were about $80 dollars, so I decided to go with this one instead. :)

 I love pencil skirts, but for those of you that do not like them because of their slim fit, this shirt would also pair well with skinny jeans/pants, or tucked into some tailored trouser jeans. The top is kind of boxy, so if there is volume on the bottom in the form of a trouser or a-line skirt, I would suggest tucking it in--if you are wearing it with skinny jeans, it can go either way!

Yellow "lace" shirt: Target $12.00
Navy pencil skirt: The Limited $16.00
Chunky navy necklace: Charlotte Russe Outlet $5.00
Nude pumps: Target $14.00