Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Short Dress Fix

To all you clothes hoarders out there (guilty), perk up your ears and listen--I have another reason to hold on to some clothing items!

Have you ever been temporarily delusional in thinking that a dress is appropriate when it's not, or were so blinded by the great price, that you just buy it without trying it on? (guilty again) This Old Navy "shirt dress" below was so cheap and so cute on the rack that I just bought it in a moment of glee without trying it on. I guess they meant it when they said shirt dress, because this dress was literally like a shirt. The underlining is shorter than the top sheer lining and it's really just not appropriate for work or church...or ever. So, I decided to belt it, and I ended up liking the results! I would also wear this with white skinny jeans if it was chillier.

Polka dot shirt dress: Old Navy $6.00
White shorts: Old Nacy $8.00
Turquoise skinny belt: www.shopacutabove.com $7.00
Bow front nude flats: TJ Maxx $10.00 on sale


  1. Looks nice like that :-)

  2. Polka dots and bows= So cute!