Thursday, January 31, 2013

In With the Old, In With the New

Believe it or not (crazy, I know) I like to hold on to clothing because I feel like I'm going to use certain pieces again at some point. Do you have this problem? Well, rather than be hypocritical and yell at you, I'm going to reinforce your pack-rattish behavior by showing some outfit options of wardrobe pieces that were pretty far back in the depths of my not-so-depthy closet, mixed with some pieces that are new and shiny. Clothes hoarders unite!

The Old:
Tie-front dotted puff sleeve top: Target--can't remember price
Gray patent Ralph Lauren pumps: Marshalls--something like $15.00 on sale

The New:
Cream panel band pencil skirt: Banana Republic Factory $14.00

If it's chilly, throw on a sweater!

Lightweight v-neck sweater in turquoise: J.Crew Factory $9.00

Gray button-tab pencil skirt: F21--can't remember price!
Nine West Bow-front matte black peep toe pump: Marshall's $13.00 on sale

Emerald camel hair belt: Target $3.00
Neck embellished tank: Target $8.00

If it's chilly, throw on a jacket!

Chanel inspired cropped jacket: Target $6.00

Orange and white gingham button down: American Eagle--Can't remember price
Braided belt: Target $4.00


Calvin Klein white jeans: Marshalls $10.00 on sale
Jade cardigan: Gap Outlet $9.00
Metallic cap-toe flat: Target $8.00

Turquoise stud earring: Kate Spade outlet: $12.00
Linked gold and tortoise necklace: Dillard's $10.00

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

May Your Days Be Merry and BRIGHT!

A little color can go a long way....

 I can always appreciate a bright pop of color, because I think it makes me more cheerful and approachable.  A fun pop of color can give an outfit interest and make it unique but not over the top crazy.

Here I am at my cousin's beautiful wedding in a sea of dark colors:

Yellow double-breasted pea coat: Gift
Navy blue one-shouldered dress with flower applique: Marshalls $13.00
Rose metallic clutch: Bath and Body works $3.00

I've never been a huge fan of purple, but I couldn't resist this long sleeved color pop!

Super bright purple long-sleeved top: J.Crew Factory $11.00 on sale
Michael Kors dark wash skinny jean: Marshalls $20.00 on sale
Leopard camel hair belt: Target $4.00 on sale
Pointy toe taupe flat: Old Navy $4.00 on sale
Cream statement necklace: Charming Charlies FREE
Michael Kors tortoise shell and gold watch: Gift

I love jade/turquoise colors:

Nude BCBG pumps: Marshall's $29.00
Jade wool pencil skirt: J. Crew Outlet $12.00
Leopard print button down: J.Crew factory online $22.00 on sale
Cream statement necklace: Charming Charlie's FREE

Ruffle white top: Old Navy--super old and can't remember the price
Jade pocket front skirt: LOFT $13.00 on sale
Navy blazer with cream trim and gold buttons: Marshall's $15.00
Nude BCBG pumps: Marshall's $29.00

Turquoise ruffle front top: Banana Republic Factory $6.00 on sale
Brown pinstripe trouser: Banana Republic Factory $14.00 on sale
Leopard camel hair belt: Target $4.00 on sale
White tortoise button trench: Banana Republic Factory $24.00 on sale
Michael Kors tortoise shell and gold watch: Gift
Nude BCBG pumps: Marshall's $29.00

Polka dots! :

Nude tie front top: 
Navy and cream polka dot rain trench: F21 $18.00
Michael Kors dark wash skinny jean: Marshalls $20.00 on sale
Bright yellow rain flat: J.Crew factory $6.00 on sale

Fuchsia Blazer: F21 $15.00 on sale
Black and white polka dot top: ZARA-bought in Italy, can't remember price!
Black twill skinny ankle pant: Target $13.00 on sale
Grey suede wedges: Target $8.00 on sale

Navy and cream polka dot cardigan: Old Navy--Gift
Ruffle front white button down: LOFT $6.00 on sale
Yellow high waisted short: LOFT $12.00 on sale
Brown strap wedges: Marshall's $14.00 on sale

Monday, January 28, 2013

Oh Target, How I Love Thee!

 In the Target that I live right across the street from (dangerous, I know), the women's section is the first part of the store I run into. Let's face it, those red sale stickers call my name much louder than the item I was originally going to Target for in the first place. Below I'm posting some random outfit options created head-to-toe from Target. I could have gone on and on, but I need to save some of my Target items for later dates. :) These are not season specific, just some different things I threw together that I found in the ol' closet that are budget friendly and versatile.

A few options for red skinnies:

A few options for gray and white gingham button down:

Leopard fun:

Gray pencil skirt:

Can't wait for spring!

I generally try to mix and match the items I'm wearing, but this is a fun challenge and proves that all you need are those red stickers and determination to dig through all those items! 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lazy Sunday

Today was just one of those days that I felt like crawling under a blanket because the weather was icky and I was feeling icky, but alas, we ran out of toilet paper. So off to heaven, ehem, Target I went. I threw on this comfy little ensemble and faced the real world.

At first, I put it on like this:

But then I felt a little schleppy (that cannot be a word), so I decided to pull it together a little bit by tucking the front of the shirt in and adding a skinny mustard belt. In my weird head/world this mustard belt tends to take on the role of a neutral in that it goes with so many things, but it's also nice because it adds a bit of color:

Comfy plaid shirt: Target $8.00 on sale
Dark denim jegging: Target $15.00 on sale
Crochet cream infinity scarf: H&M $10.00
Skinny mustard camel hair belt: Loft $5.00 on sale
Brown riding boot: Target $17.00 Target on sale
Brown gemstone post earring: Banana Republic Outlet $6.00 on sale
Cream faux ostrich skin bag with gold hardware: Marshalls $20.00 on sale

And I can't forget the world's greatest accessory, my cat Macy:

Tune in for tomorrow where I will be creating outfits head-to-toe from my favorite--Target. It can be done!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Same Skirt, Different Day.

Sometimes I find myself using a specific clothing item over and over again, because it can offer some serious versatility. Today I'm showcasing a navy blue and cream striped skirt from Banana Republic outlet. I love navy blue for a few reasons: It's classic, it easily goes with other clothing items and accessories, and it transcends seasons. I love navy blue and cream so much, I used them as my wedding colors! You can really take so many directions with it. Below are only a few options of outfits that can be used from such a classic type of color and print.

Option 1:

Khaki blazer: F21 $25.00
Orange Scarf: Kohl's $8.00 on sale
Cream collarless button down: LOFT $15.00 on sale
Skirt: Banana Republic Outlet $18.00 on sale
Boots: Target $17.00 on sale
Kate Spade green bag: Gift
Michael Kors watch: Gift

Option 2:

This outfit uses the same base as the above one, but I switched the boots for brown wedges and ditched the scarf and blazer for a bright yellow statement necklace. I love yellow and navy together!

Cream collarless button down: LOFT $15.00 on sale
Skirt: Banana Republic Outlet $18.00 on sale
Brown wedges: Target $ 8.00 on sale
Michael Kors watch: Gift
Yellow statement necklace: Charlotte Russe Outlet $12.00 (This is a JCrew knockoff)

Option 3: 

Layering adds dimension and warmness to the outfit, while the nude pumps with the mid-length skirt elongates the leg line.

Skirt: Banana Republic Outlet $18.00 on sale
BCBG Nude Pumps: Marshalls $29.00
Tan lightweight sweater: Target $8.00 on sale
Michael Kors watch: Gift
Chunky three-strand mint necklace: Charlotte Russe Outlet $8.50

Add a colorful blazer if you're chilly:

Pink jersey blazer: Marshall's $15.00

Option 4:

Navy blue goes wonderfully with bright hues like this pink short-sleeved sweater. The mixing of pattern with the leopard print flats adds funk and interest to the outfit.

Skirt: Banana Republic Outlet $18.00 on sale
Leopard print flats: American Eagle--can't remember the price because they are super old!
Bright pink short sleeved sweater: J.Crew Outlet $9.00 on sale
Michael Kors watch: Gift
Chunky navy blue necklace: Charlotte Russe Outlet $5.00

If you're feeling even more bold than mixing patterns with a shoe, a different mixing option can be added with layering and a more simple shoe:

Skirt: Banana Republic Outlet $18.00 on sale
BCBG Nude Pumps: Marshalls $29.00
Beige sweater: J.Crew $12.00 on sale
Leopard print button down: J.Crew online and on sale $22.00
Michael Kors watch: Gift
Chunky three-strand mint necklace: Charlotte Russe Outlet $8.50