Monday, January 28, 2013

Oh Target, How I Love Thee!

 In the Target that I live right across the street from (dangerous, I know), the women's section is the first part of the store I run into. Let's face it, those red sale stickers call my name much louder than the item I was originally going to Target for in the first place. Below I'm posting some random outfit options created head-to-toe from Target. I could have gone on and on, but I need to save some of my Target items for later dates. :) These are not season specific, just some different things I threw together that I found in the ol' closet that are budget friendly and versatile.

A few options for red skinnies:

A few options for gray and white gingham button down:

Leopard fun:

Gray pencil skirt:

Can't wait for spring!

I generally try to mix and match the items I'm wearing, but this is a fun challenge and proves that all you need are those red stickers and determination to dig through all those items! 

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