Friday, May 24, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week Bonus

When I first got my teacher I.D, the only power I thought I possessed was being able to tell kids that they were late to class or needed to stop throwing food in the lunch room.


That little I.D holds purchasing power. Almost every women's retailer and some mixed retailers (J.Crew, Banana Republic) give a teacher's discount. So, if you're no longer a student, but still want those discounts, just become a teacher! Just kidding. That's a terrible reason to become a teacher. Either way, my friend and I went to LOFT because they were having extra percentages off for teacher appreciation week, and that's how I snagged this yellow beauty of a skirt. This thing is majorly bright, but it's fun and can make you look tanner than you really are--what could be wrong with that?!

White ruffled tank: Old Navy--super old, can't remember price
Piped navy blazer: $15.00 Marshall's
Yellow skirt: LOFT $15.00 on sale
Brown and gold sandal: Target $8.00 on sale