Saturday, May 11, 2013

I Have an Old Boyfriend {jean} Back in My Life

Okay, so the boyfriend jean is back and trending, and I always like them when I see them on other people. As a person who always tells people that they pull off whatever they want, I decided to not be a hypocrite and pull out an old pair of boyfriend jeans I already had. I literally pulled these out of a give away bag that I had put a bunch of clothes into when I did a spring cleaning. So, as much as I am sure my husband will enjoy me holding on to another piece of clothing, I decided to take these out and give them another try (sorry C.A.B!).

 Because I never know how to wear these things, I decided to look at some recent celebrity sightings of the boyfriend jean, and I decided that I like the blazer and pointed flat because it gives a little bit of structure to the slubby boyfriend fit.This being said, I do not like the holes in the jeans either way, and if I was going to wear the boyfriends from now on, I would prefer that they not have holes in them so I can avoid some bad high school flash backs of my holey American Eagle jeans and graphic t-shirts. Once again, the holes are something I like on other people at times, but not as much on myself.

Turquoise pointy toe flat: Old Navy $4.00
Plain white tank top: Target--given to me by my cousin
Boyfriend jean: Super old, can't remember
Black blazer: Target $13.00 on sale
Leopard infinity scarf: Charlotte Russe $9.00

Black and gold bow earring: Kate Spade--gift from my M.I.L.

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  1. Nice jeans! And I love the litte bow earring :-)