Friday, August 16, 2013

The Understated Polkadot

I've been really into these cigarette pants and ankle pants lately, and I love this navy blue version in a subtle monochromatic polka dot. Navy and fuchsia is a combination I love--let's be honest, navy and anything is a combination I love, however, this time I went with a fuchsia blazer that I got awhile back at F21. I literally wanted to rip these pants off of the shelf so that nobody else could steal them, then I realized I was the only one in the aisle, so I toned down the crazy and just stuck them in my cart. I'm wearing this more casual with the longer shirt untucked, but this could be really cute with a tucked in structured shirt, or a flowier blouse tucked in.  The pants are down to the ankle, so I paired them with a nude pump to elongate the leg line and give the pants a more polished feel, although these could easily be worn with a flat.

Button down white shirt with gold buttons: Marshall's $13.00
Navy blue polka dot ankle pant: Marshall's $16.00
Nude pump: TJ Maxx $20.00
Fuschia Blazer: F21 $15.00 on sale

Later, lovelies!
Erin Glynn

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