Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sweet, Crazy Summer

It's been forever, and I miss my blog world! I apologize for the absence, but this summer, I have finished my on campus graduate school work, gone on two vacations (terrible, I know), and moved to the great city of Atlanta! I'm super excited to be back in the south, and I'm excited to see some different looks now that I'm in the big city. This casual summertime look was when I was in Florida. When I'm in Florida, I feel the right to wear whatever bright colors I please, so I put together this ensemble. :)

White v-neck: Target $6.00 on sale
Lightweight tan and white infinity scarf: $8.00 Forever21
Bright pink shorts: J.Crew Outlet $17.00
Seafoam green boat shoes: Old Navy $8.00 on sale

I free-handed these leopard nails today, and despite the lack of professionalism, I'm loving them! What would polka dots and leopard spots be without a little leopard spot? 

Talk to you soon, lovelies!

Erin Glynn

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